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Rebel Wilsons Weight Loss Before and After Journey

If You're Currently Struggling With Weight Loss and Are Having Trouble Staying Motivated, Then Maybe Rebel Wilson's Inspiring Weight Loss Body Transformation Will Now Help You To Shed Those Extra Pounds...

You may think that you cannot lose weight, but you're mistaken. One of the most inspiring stories that can help you change your mind is Rebel Wilson's weight loss journey. Last year, Wilson decided to have her year of health, and as a result, she lost an incredible amount of weight. In 2022, you can also achieve an extraordinary feat just like Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilsons Weight Loss Before and After Journey 3

Who is Rebel Wilson

Her full name is Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson. Rebel is a famous Australian actress known for her comedy roles in big TV shows and films. She is mainly known for her roles in ‘Bachelorette' and Pitch Perfect. Her date of birth is March 2, 1980, and she was born in Australia. Wilson has a colorful career, and she has been scooping several awards;

  • Tropfest' award for ‘Best Actress' because of her role in the movie ‘Bargain.'
  • Seven ‘MTV Movie Awards for her role in ‘Pitch Perfect.'
  • In 2012, she got two awards; ‘Best Musical Moment’ and Best Breakthrough Performance.’
  • She got three of the awards in 2013; Film & Television Association Award,’ Teen Choice Award’ and Breakthrough Performance.’
  • In 2015, she recieved two MTV Movie Awards; Best Kiss’ and Best Ensemble.’

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Struggles

Wilson says that she started her weight loss journey when a fertility doctor suggested that she would have a better chance of being fertile if she lost some weight. At first, she felt offended but later decided to shape up so she could have more fertile eggs.

As a result, she decided to start her year of health. However, her management team did not support her at first. The group thought it was not a good idea since she earned millions of dollars because of being the funny fat girl. Her weight has defined her for a long time, and she is popularly known as “FAT AMY” from ‘Pitch Perfect.'

She also struggled with emotional eating and had to work with her relationship with food. She has admitted that her eating habits were not the best and did use food to numb her feelings.

However, despite these challenges, Wilson did not change her mind. She went through her year of health and documented it on her Instagram page.

How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson lose?

Wilson lost a staggering 77lbs (35kg, or 5,5st). She got a clean bill of health, and she describes her achievement as incredible. Her target was to weigh 165lbs (75kg) by the end of the year, but she hit the target way back in November with a month to spare. She mentioned that she was proud of her weight loss. She also said that she no longer suffered from inflammation and jet lag from long work hours.

How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

Wilson did not magically lose weight. She had to work on herself to ensure she accomplished her goals. However, it is not about doing intensive workouts but being consistent each day. Rebel stuck to this rule and lost her weight by:


Wilson says that the best way to lose weight is walking. Instead of doing grueling workouts, Wilson took an hour to walk or did some exercises with her trainer.

Taking a Healthy Diet

Wilson also subjected herself to a healthy diet known as the Mayr Method diet plan. Before starting her year of health, Wilson could eat 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day, and she had to adjust to lose weight. She set a goal to stick 2,000-2,500 calories a day.

Other Similar Methods For Losing Weight

You do not have to follow Wilson's methods of losing weight. You can craft your journey using similar techniques such as;

Taking Proteins For Breakfast

Proteins regulate appetite hormones by decreasing a hunger hormone known as ghrelin. When you have proteins in the morning, you feel full. Consider having oats, nuts, eggs, and quinoa porridge in your breakfast.

Have Plenty Of Fiber

Increase the amount of fiber you have in your diet as they increase the feeling of food satisfaction. Fibers include barley, fruits, nuts, peas, and beans.

Having Enough Sleep

Good quality sleep of about 7 hours allows for metabolism. Metabolism is the process in which the body converts calories to energy. Sleep also regulates appetite hormones such as leptin and ghrelin hence ensure you get enough sleep every day.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation
Rebel Wilsons Weight Loss Before and After Journey 4

Learning from Rebel Wilson’s Incredible Journey

The main lesson to learn from Wilson's journey is that it is possible to lose weight. However, there are other subtle lessons to learn, for example;

  • It would be best if you found a unique way to get fit- Wilson did not go to the gym to hit intensive workouts as most people do but instead found her own unique way to lose weight. She preferred to walk for 60 minutes a day to get fit.
  • Find a reason for losing weight- Rebel had a reason to push herself to lose weight despite her challenges. Also, she wanted to be fertile and get rid of her bad habit of emotional eating.
  • Set goals- Wilson set a goal of the weight loss transformation she wanted to achieve.
  • Be accountable- Wilson was accountable to the public because she recorded her fitness journey on her Instagram journey. Therefore, if you want to succeed in your weight loss journey, find someone that can hold you accountable.

Other celebrities that have lost substantial weight

Rebel Wilson is not the only celebrity that can aspire you to lose. Some other stars have lost weight, including;

Tiffany Haddish– She lost about 40 pounds in 2020. She quit smoking and decided to hit the gym.

Adele– Adele has also lost a significant amount of weight. She has been working out with the help of her trainer for about 60 minutes a day.

Wendy Williams– Over the past three years, Wend Williams has lost about 50 pounds. She attributes her weight loss to healthy eating habits.

Bottom Line

If Rebel Wilson could lose 77 pounds in a year, you can also do it. It is an inspirational story you need to use to start your journey. Other celebrities have done the same, and you can also look at their stories to inspire yourself to take action today.






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