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Gyro Meatloaf Pita Sandwich

If you want the flavor of a Gyro Pita Sandwich but a simpler at-home method, try this Gyro Meatloaf Pita Sandwich with Tzatziki sauce.

Gyro Meatloaf Pita 4

Growing up in San Antonio, my favorite place to eat was this Greek restaurant called Demo’s. It was definitely a childhood favorite.

My Grandparents are both Greek so I have an affinity towards Mediterranean flavors. I would get the gyro pita sandwich and devour it, as the cool Tzatziki sauce dripped down my fingers (it was always a messy eat, but so so yummy).

Gyro Meatloaf Pita 5

The thing is, if you search for gyro recipes you will find there is a certain process to it, including putting all the meat in your food processor,  using a water bath, putting weights on the meat and other particular methods. I decided it wasn’t worth all that effort because cleaning meat out of my food processor just seems WRONG.

So my mom shared this version with us and my husband actually prefers it to gyro meat! Consider it a Mediterranean style meatloaf. It’s pretty simple…a blend of beef and lamb, onion & garlic, some bread crumbs, egg and seasoning! Just like meatloaf but different flavors.

Bowl Of Meat And Spices

Pack it all into a loaf pan and bake it on a lower temp for almost an hour.

GyromeatloafsandwichI have this yummy Tzatziki recipe here but the Cedar Leaf brand which I can find at my local grocery store is also delicious so that is what I have been using if I don’t have time to make it myself.

Gyro Meatloaf Pita 7

Look for a soft pita bread, I usually go with whole wheat. You could also serve the meat with a side of roasted potatoes or oven baked fries and veggies if you didn’t want to make the sandwich.

Gyro Meatloaf Pita 6

Looks easy enough, right? If you like gyro sandwiches, I think you’ll like the flavors here. It is NOT the same as the thin crispy gryo meat, but there are other recipes out there if that is what you are looking for.

Notes about making this:

  • I highly recommend using lamb and beef to get that gyro flavor.
  • Tzatziki sauce is a must unless you are dairy-free of course.
  • Allow ample time to make this. It’s not difficult but it needs a good hour to bake and another half hour to rest. You can even do more in advance which helps the slices hold together better.
  • It’s moist like a meatloaf, so checking doneness is challenging if you don’t have a thermometer.
  • If you are gluten free and can’t find gluten free breadcrumbs, substitute ground oats.

Looking for other Mediterranean flavors? Try:

Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Gyro Meatloaf Pita Sandwich

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