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Healthy & Easy Meal Ideas For Halloween

When Halloween comes around, it is time to make some seasonal and delicious meals and snacks for your family. It is possible to make fun meals during this holiday without having to pump your kids with sugar and unhealthy ingredients. The following meals are healthy and easy to prepare for Halloween.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit

Another way to use fruit in your Halloween-themed snack is to make chocolate-dipped fruit. Sliced oranges are the perfect option since when combined with dark or milk chocolate, they make an orange and black appearance that is ideal for Halloween. Just melt your chocolate, then dip a small part of the orange slice into the chocolate, and place on wax paper to harden. Only a small amount of chocolate is being used for this treat.

Jack O’ Lantern Grilled Cheese

If you are looking for a fun and healthy lunch or dinner for the kids, why not make them some grilled cheese? You can easily make this in a healthy way that also goes along with the Halloween theme. Start with whole wheat or whole grain bread, and cut one of the slices with a Jack O’ Lantern cookie cutter. Cook your grilled cheese sandwich as you normally would, and your kids have a fun Halloween-themed grilled cheese that is just a little bit healthier.

Candy Apples

Candy Apples

While it might seem like candy apples are in no way healthy, they actually can be, depending on how you make them. These make a great treat that encourages your kids to eat their fruit in a fun and festive way. Instead of just coating the apples in sugary caramel, consider instead dipping them in a low-fat and low-sugar candy, such as cinnamon candy. This allows you to give it a sweet taste and a pretty look, while also providing a seasonal quality.

Pumpkin Biscuits

Biscuits on their own can sometimes be a little bit high in fat, but if you reduce the amount of butter used and use canned pumpkin as a substitute, they still come out fluffy and flavorful, but with less saturated fat and calories. Plus, the pumpkin biscuits are seasonal and can include some spice for added seasoning. This keeps you from having to add more butter to them when they are done baking, since there is plenty of seasoning with them on their own.

You can turn just about any treat or meal into a healthy one for Halloween. Follow this guide to add more health and nutrition and reduce the overall fat and calories of your Halloween meals.


  1. Making these toffee apples is a job for grown-ups as the toffee will be very hot – but the kids will love eating them. They’re the perfect Halloween treat


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